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the fitt principles of health

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Have you ever wondered what makes up good health? Well Stephen Fraser is here to break it down for you, from basic anatomy into nutrition, neuroscience, social-economic and cultural aspects. 


Stephen is a certified personal trainer and runs his own fitness studio in Glasgow, The FITT Principle. He is also studying Psychology and is an expert for the Be Well Collective, an organisation supporting young people and their mental health. He’s taking all this knowledge to help you better understand your body, health and the science behind it all. 


Stephen will be joined by guests, from professional athletes to psychologists, top coaches and business owners changing the wellness landscape, all of whom will discuss that week’s topic from a research and/or experience point of view, giving you an in-depth look into a variety of health and wellbeing topics.


You can find Stephen on Instagram at @stephenjafraser

You can find episodes of The FITT Principles of Health here, on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and wherever you get your pods!

Want to find out more about The FITT Principle, Be Well Collective and more?




The FITT Principle

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