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Review: Waylaid by Sarina Bowen

Sarina Bowen has been one of my autoread authors for the past few years and there’s a reason – she writes characters that you care about, stories that you can relate to and infuses some humour even when dealing with heavy topics.

Synopsis via Goodreads

Waylaid, the latest in the True North series, was no different. This book followed Daphne, the youngest of the Shipley clan, and Rickie. This one gave me everything I was hoping for (more on that below but with spoilers!) and now I want Lenore to have her own book (pretty please?). I love the Shipley clan, the family, their relationships, banter, and general nonsense just make for such a great read every time! If you want a more details review, keep reading but there are spoilers ahead!


I think this may be one of the heavier books in the series, with the topics covered including abuse in the military, which is an issue that doesn’t get the coverage and scrutiny that it should, trauma, repressed memories and the use of therapy.

It also has an element of MeToo, with one of the characters having been threatened and suffering at the hands of someone with a great deal of power. Taking place within the academic world, it shows that these issues are pervasive everywhere, and that often victims don’t feel that they have the support or power to take the issue to someone that could help.

Sarina’s books have always been sexually inclusive, something that’s important to me, and she again included a character that was part of the LGBTQIA+ community, yet in a way where it is normalised and accepted, where it isn’t the sole facet of that person or their personality.

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