Review: Reel by Kennedy Ryan

Just in case anyone was wondering, Kennedy Ryan (@kennedyryan1) is my QUEEN! I LOVE her books, will recommend her to anyone that will listen and will instantly pre-order a soon as a new book is announced!

Her latest is Reel, the first in a new series titled Hollywood Renaissance and boy did I love it!

Synopsis via Goodreads

Kennedy’s characters are always full of depth as well as flaws, but that’s what makes them real. Her books have strong female leads at the centre and Reel gave us Neevah, someone I think many of us can relate to even if we don’t work in the entertainment industry. Do not show weakness, do not ask for help, power through, everyone is relying on you, don’t think about putting yourself first and just think of everyone else. The sacrifices we make as women, it’s like they have been ingrained in us from birth and Neevah, for me, showed this in so many relatable ways. Ryan is showing us that we are not alone, but also…it doesn’t have to be this way!

The remainder of this review my be considered to have spoilers in it so precede with caution ☺️

I loved this book! I loved that it incorporated screenplay elements, that Ryan addresses female stars are treated differently and held to a higher standard than their male counterparts, with careers being easily ruined by who they do (or don’t) date and that she discussed the lack of black hairdressers and make-up artists for black talent and the importance of having them on set.

I love a book that teaches you something and this taught me two main things – one that there are two forms of Lupus and two that so many stories of Black creatives have been lost to history for so many different reasons. Reel helped opened my eyes to how their stories, lives and impacts on their community and culture are very often not told, instead dying with them of their family unless someone stumbles across them and decides that theirs is a story worth telling. For me this was a highlight of the book and something that should be talked about more.

Let’s finish by says Canon Holt is a BABE and the chemistry is this book is WOAH! Now gimme gimme book number two please!

Question - how many times is it acceptable to write 'Love' in a review, because I feel like I've far exceeded it...

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