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Review: Gold Diggers by Sanjena Sathian

Happy debut publication day to Sanjena Sathian and her novel Gold Diggers!

I struggled with this book - on the one hand I really enjoyed the story but on the other, for some reason, I just wasn't drawn to picking this book up and continuing on reading, I didn't have that need and urge to find out what happened next the way that I do with other stories.

Synopsis via Goodreads

The way this story was written, the topics that Sathian covers, how she easily flows from past to present, weaving in history and life lessons with the lives of the characters was great but I just didn't get invested in their story. What I did enjoy was what the need for gold was representing - our need for more, for wanting to be the best, for wanting what others have, always striving for that thing that feels just a little out of reach, which I think we can all relate to. I also enjoyed that she included the consequences of our actions, that what we take from others can impact them and us, that if you get what you want and desire, that doesn't always fix the 'problem'.

I am not an immigrant, but I relished the way that Sathian wrote about the characters that had immigrated from India, and their first-generation Indian-American children - the struggles that the faced in finding their place as both Indian and American, where they fit within their community, how they lived up to the expectations of their parents but of also being a child of immigrant parents and all that this entailed. This was probably the element of the book that I enjoyed most. The way the Sathian depicted these relationships, the struggle they faced as children and into adulthood, how this pressure and expectation that they felt impacted their mental health.

My only other issue with the books is that I found the chapters to be too long, but that is simply personal preference and an attention span that's been killed off by a global pandemic!

Aside from not necessarily being invested in the characters story relating to the gold and all that entailed, I did really enjoy this book.

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