Review: Bath Haus by PJ Vernon

Just like Survive The Night seen this one popping up all over Bookstagram, but it first came to my attention thanks to @booksovrbros because Chip has the best taste in books!

The story follows Oliver, a recovering addict who lives with his partner Nathan and the consequences of one decision that could change his life forever, if he’s able to escape with his life that is!

Synopsis via Goodreads

For me this story was about betrayal in all its many forms, of relationships that are controlling in different ways and that sense of duty you feel to someone because you believe that they ‘saved’ you. It also made me think about the ways we edit and contort ourselves in order to create a certain version of ourselves that someone will love.

This book was twisty and suspenseful, and I honestly had no idea where it would end!

My main issue isn’t with the book, the story, or the writing, all of which I really really enjoyed, it’s with myself… If I go in to a thriller (and they aren’t my usual genre but I’m trying to branch out) I know that there will be a suspense, that there will likely be a ‘whole dunnit’ or something similar, so instead of just sinking in and enjoying the story the way I would with any other novel, I am constantly on edge, trying to solve the puzzle, waiting for the next ‘thing to happen’, and it’s spoiling my enjoyment! Note to self, just relax, and get into the book and stop trying to be Sherlock Holmes!

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