12 months of fundraising

Over the past few days we have been working on calculating how much has been raised over various events and projects at The Stayin' Inn. It all began with our first Gigs in Scotland quizzes, and is still going strong with our regular Beatson events.

To date, we have raised £97,291.93 for various charities, including the Beatson Cancer Charity, KidsOut, Masks for Scotland, SAMH, Autism Scotland, Rainbow Valley, the STV Children's Appeal and more!

We're extremely proud, and humbled, by this achievement, but we really would love to reach a couple of BIG milestones.

At the moment, we've raised £48,848.45 for the Beatson Cancer Charity, and we'd love to reach that magical figure of £50,000 - which would of course take us very close to £100,000 raised overall!

If you can, we ask that you donate to one of our open fundraising campaigns:

We have teams taking part in the KiltWalk on 23-25 April. You can find that team and donate to one of the team here. We also have a number of teams taking part in our SECOND 'Off the Beatson Track' in June. You can find all our teams, and donate to them, here.

If you'd like to join us on any of the challenges, you can find all the details on how to sign up for the KiltWalk here and Off The Beatson Track here. If you have any questions, or need more information, please drop us an email to contact@bighandmedia.com.

If you can make any of those events, just make sure to join us for our regular quizzes in aid of the Beatson Cancer Charity every Tuesday at 9pm across our Facebook, YouTube & Twitch channels!

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